Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Visit to The Lou

The kids and I made the trip home to be with my mom for her 60th birthday. Yep, that mom of mine is still sweet and sassy, but now she has sixty to go with it! For her birthday we reserved 2 rooms at a hotel in downtown STL. Even though she had to work on her birthday, we wanted her to not have the hassle of drivng through the fair traffic after work. We had so much fun just being together, and it was special for me to share with my children some of my childhood 4th of July activites. 

Here are a few highlights from our stay in St. Louis:

Mike, Ang, and I took the kids to the St. Louis Science Center, where Aiden was fascinated by the see-through floor in the bridge over the interstate. The girls and I were able to see the Body Worlds exhibit which was super cool! Our favorite part was being able to see a healthy lung, a smoker's lung, and a coal miner's lung! We also saw a body with metal fixations...just like daddy!!

We all joined Mom at the Arch for one of her programs. Here she is with all of her grandchildren just before the program.

It was great to see some old friends and meet some new ones at the Arch. The kids enjoyed mom's program, and they listened to the cowboy program as well. Emma was able to try her hand at using a lasso!
And we all had a chance to try the new Dyson hand dryers in the restroom!

One of my favorite things was one evening after my mom finished work we took the kids for a walk around downtown. We went to the City Garden where the kids played in a sprayground.

hehe...this one cracks me up!

The kids had a blast in the hotel pool on the roof!

Emma also cooled off thanks to the STL Fire Dept!

Our trip also included:
                                                 Fireworks under the Arch!
Imo's Pizza....always a favorite!
Pappy's Bbq...a new favorite!
A Bill of Rights Program at the Old Courthouse
Breakfast at Starbucks!

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