Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Weekend Update

  • There's not too much new to report on medical conditions. Ryan has a long day of evaluation this week at a center for cognitive rehab. Thankfully this will be in Midland! My shoulder issues are still there, but as I have mentioned before the Dr. thinks it's nerve damage that is not showing up in an MRI. He thinks it will heal, but it may take 18-24months.
  •  We have been getting ready for the new school year. We'd like to get an early start since we will likely have to take some time off for Ryan's other surgery.
  • The girls have been busy this weekend writing a children's book! Moriah is going to write the story, and Emma is going to take the pictures to use in the book. They told me they are going to dedicate their book to their sweet little cousins! This morning they asked me if they need to mail the story to a publisher or if we need to take it in.
  • The girls have recently taken an art class in Midland which has encouraged a new interest in art. After the last class we were at Michael's buying charcoal and oil pastels!
  • Someone this week asked Emma if she had taken any fun vacations this summer. She replied, "Well, if you count Flint. We've been there lots this summer!" She must've already forgotten about our trip to IL!

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