Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day of School 2011!

Today was the first day of school for 5th grade and 3rd grade! 
These girls are the apple of their teacher's eye!!
Their teacher loves them dearly and she is thrilled to be with them for another year!!
We are using curriculum from My Father's World, and this year we'll be studying Creation to the Greeks.

 Our assignment this week is to study the beginning of our world, using the first chapter of Genesis as our text.

Here they are working on their creation worksheet for their history notebook.
I found Haydn's Creation at our local library for them to listen to while they worked on their creation worksheet.

We also began working on our timeline. I used fishing line with Command hooks and we'll use paperclips to hang pictures on the timeline. I'm hoping this works...we'll see! Today we added Genesis 1:1 in Hebrew to our timeline.

We also added Christ coming back to earth at the end of our timeline with question marks since we don't know when that will be. You'll see why I like to send the girls to art classes when you see my work below.

That would be Jesus Christ (the red triangle) on a horse, in the clouds :) I may not be able to teach art, but I just love being able to teach the girls history using the Bible as our frame of reference!

For history we'll also be using:
Victor Journey Through the Bible
Streams of Civilizations, Vol 1
Celebrating Biblical Feasts

For science we have:
Genesis For Kids
Dinousaurs of Eden
Archimedes and the Door of Science

We use Horizons math

We also will study Latin with Latina Christiana I

For art we have God and the History of Art

Looks like we'll have a full and wonderful year of study ahead!


  1. That is soooo cute!! I'm excited for my nieces school year! Tonight we were talking about Eloise being homeschooled and I said I couldn't wait for all the awards she would win, like top of her class, most likely to succeed, etc.
    Good luck this year!

  2. Too funny, angie! I'm sure she'll also be teacher's pet! :)

  3. YAY Roman Family! Praying you have a fun and successful school year!! Can't wait to spend Thursday afternoons with you at co-op!!

  4. yay for first day of school! I miss homeschooling when I read post like this I am curious about behind the scenes.. like what are you doing with Aiden? As a previous homeschooler that is what I think about :-) That can be put up in future post :-)

  5. Jenn: We can't wait to see you on thursdays!! we miss you!

    Sarah: Too funny!! As a mom who has homeschooled with a young boy around you can probably guess what I am doing with Aiden.
    "No, sissy can't play right now."
    "Shhh....sissy's working, you need to be quiet."
    "Go play in your room."
    "Go outside."
    And the list could go on and on!! :)