Sunday, August 14, 2011

Weekend Update

  • This week we were busy freezing veggies! We froze corn, green peppers and onions. We are always thankful for our frozen veggies in the middle of winter! 
  • We finished getting ready for school!! I'll post more on that later!
  • This week is the Midland County fair! Our girls are not taking anything in this year because I missed the registration deadline. They were disappointed, but they have been very understanding! Hopefully we will be back on track next summer! I'm beginning to think even going to the fair may be more than we can handle this year, but I know they would never go for that!! So, I will put my big girl pants on, buy a frozen cheesecake on a stick, and walk through every animal barn there is. Twice. Or maybe even three times. They really love those animals!
  • Yesterday we had a relaxing Saturday at home together. In the afternoon, Ryan went to take a nap and I went in to talk to him for a minute. He loves when I try to talk to him during his nap :) It wasn't long and Emma came in, jumped in bed and started telling us about a game she plays with Moriah and some friends. In the game Moriah is Aunt Bertha. Emma was laughing and doing an impression of Moriah as Aunt Bertha for us. All of the laughter brought Moriah into the room who then gave us the real Aunt Bertha. The laughing continued and in came Aiden, who was supposed to be taking a nap of his own. He came climbing into bed and said, "Can I bisit (visit) with you guys?" I laughed, looked at Ryan and said, "Sorry about the nap!" It's little moments like these that are a treasure! We just enjoy being a family, and being together. Ryan did eventually get his nap, and so did Aiden. Right next to his daddy.
  • The kids were playing rock band yesterday. Not on the Wii, we don't have that game, yet. They were just singing along with the ipod. I walked in the room to find Aiden dancing and singing into a microphone made out of brightly colored pegs connected together. Moriah was singing into her railroad track microphone and Emma was air guitaring. And the song they were rocking out too?  My Life is in You Lord. Yep, that brought a smile to my face! And some laughter too!
Some of our favorite recent quotes:

At the gas station Ryan asked, "Do you want it on credit or debit?"  Before I could answer Aiden yells from the back, "I want Pepper Dr!"  (Dr. Pepper!)

The girls had a friend over recently and they were talking about music and singers. Moriah asked, "Who do you like to listen to?" And without giving her a chance to respond Moriah went on to say, "I like John Denver."

After hearing the above statement Ryan looked at me and said, "My heart is so happy right now!"

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