Sunday, May 22, 2011

Baseball Buddies

This Saturday the girls had the chance to be "baseball buddies" at the Loons game. A baseball buddy gets to hang out by the Loons dugout during warm-ups and when the players are introduced they get to run out on the field with their "buddy." They stand with their buddy out on the field during the national anthem and then they return to their seats. Emma's buddy was 3rd baseman, Chris Henderson; Moriah's buddy was shortstop Christian Lara. They had a lot of fun and of course they were THE cutest baseball buddies out there!!

     Here they are hanging out with some guy with crazy hair...Mo pulled his wig off
when he bent down!

Check out their cool shirts!!

Here's the whole bunch! We brought along a friend, Hayden, to see the game too! Aiden loved having another boy around!
Enjoying their of the best things about baseball!

Sweet sisters...and baseball buddies!

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