Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Weekend Update

I am long overdue for an update, and we've been busy so there's lots to fill you in on! Where to begin......

  • Ryan's Jaw--He still cannot open his mouth very wide. He can barely fit his tongue between his teeth. Last night he was watching Man Vs. Food and he was wishing he could eat the philly cheese steak sandwhich that Adam was chowing down on in Philly. We have consulted with an oral surgeon in Brighton, which is a 2hr drive for us. He thinks scar tissue is causing the problem. He has ordered another CT scan to be sure, and we have not heard the results of that yet. He also said that if scar tissue is the problem, there is a surgeon in Midland that should be able to do the surgery; however it just may not be in his comfort zone. We have contacted the Midland surgeon and once he looks over his file he will let us know if he is willing to work on his jaw. The dr. in Brighton said that he would do it if the Midland doctor will not. If the surgery is done in Brighton, we will have to travel down there once a week for several weeks following the surgery. To have this done in Midland would save us A LOT of travel time. However, we do want the job done correctly! Please be praying for direction and guidance concerning this issue, for us and the doctors!
  • Ryan's vision--continues to improve on its own, which is good. I can't imagine what it must be like to not see clearly out of one eye all the time. It bothers me to have only one contact in for a few minutes! The sun bothers his eyes, so he wears his sunglasses whenever he's outside.
  • Ryan's hearing--again still improving, but is still showing hearing loss in the right ear.
  • Ryan's hip--Still has bone growth where he needs scar tissue! This bone growth causes him to walk with a limp, he can't straighten out his leg. He tried to mow the lawn, but couldn't bend his leg enough to get on the lawnmower. I watched him from the kitchen window as he gave it a try. He looked absloutely uncomfortable the entire time! Emma has had a chance to mow a bit and she is super excited about that! Ryan is able to use the weed-eater though. He's been out there several times, even when the lawn hasn't been mowed!!
  • Ryan's attitude--he's still positive for the most part. He aches quite a bit and he tires out easily. He has been more frustrated as he tries more things and finds he can't do some of them (like mowing the lawn!) For now, he is looking forward to having a garden and using his weed eater this summer!
  • Michelle's shoulder--the MRI they did awhile back came back clear so the Dr. gave me a lidocaine injection and I continued PT. For awhile I felt better, but then I started to feel like I never had the injection. So the dr. decided to give me a 2nd one and told me to continue PT. However, the next time I saw the therapist she said she was going to give my Dr. a call b/c she really thinks something is not right with the shoulder. We are still waiting to hear back from their office. I would appreciate prayer for this issue.  It has been a long time now, and they can't seem to find the cause of the problem.
  • The kids are doing great. They are such sweethearts!! They get frustrated too, at times, and they have said things recently like:
                          "Are we ever going to be a normal family again?"

                          "I hope that if we're ever in another accident, it's not a bad one."

                          And this one came just after watching the movie Tangled, "I wish there
                          really was hair like Rapunzel's that heals. Then we could heal daddy and your shoulder."

           Although I can understand their frustrations and fears, I try to remind them that no matter what happens God is in control, and He is with us. I try to encourage them to be thankful that we get to find a new normal with daddy, and not without him. And I remind them of the hope we have that one day daddy will have a new body, without any metal rods or plates. What a wonderful day that will be!!


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