Monday, May 9, 2011

Loons Baseball and Little League Softball

We went to our first Loons game of the season on Saturday. We have had a small season ticket package through Ryan's family business for a few years. After the accident, we weren't sure if Ryan would be up for attending games. We explained our situation to the Loons office, and they offered to move us to handicap accessible seating so Ryan could sit comfortably in his wheelchair.  We decided to give it a try! We are so glad we did! Ryan had a great time! Towards the end of the game he looked over at me and said, "I think this is the most normal night I've had in the last 6 months!" Because of his jaw, he did miss eating some of his favorite ballpark food. Emma and I had to eat all the nachos ourselves!

    Aiden had a great time cheering on the Loons, although he didn't really want his picture taken--

It was a great way to spend Mother's Day eve! The Loons won, Ryan was able to get away for awhile, and we were given something to look forward to this summer! In fact, our next game is May 21, and both the girls are going to be baseball buddies--which means they'll run out on the field with a player as they are introduced and sing the national anthem with them!

It's also softball season, and both girls are playing Little League softball in Coleman. Moriah is on a coach pitch team, and Emma is on a Minors team.

Moriah has never played before and she really wanted to try catching.  She has had the chance to catch in one game, and  she really enjoyed it. She was so cute in all that gear! Her one complaint was that she "couldn't hustle in when coach called them in--she had to walk." She has also played 2nd base and did well there, as well as center and left field. 

Emma has played before, but she has never pitched. She was really hoping to have a chance at pitching this year...and last week she did! 

She has also played shortstop and right field Several of her friends are on her team this year and she is really enjoying that! She's a bit like her is about the people and the food! .

And there's this little boy, he's their biggest fan! He brings his dump truck to every game, and when he's not cheering them on, he's busy hauling a load of dirt or sand! 

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  1. That picture of Aidan at the Loons game is the EXACT face he was giving us on Skype last night . . . it also reminds me of th epose Magnum by Derek Zoolander :) And you're next Loons game is the day before the due date, Yah!
    So excited the girls are enjoying softball, you got some great pictures. Wish we lived close enough to attend a game.
    And I'm so glad Ryan had a good time at the game, he deserves it. Love you all!