Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Corn From the Future

At the end of the summer the girls and I freeze veggies for the summer to eat through the winter. We usually freeze green beans, beets and corn. We make a day of freezing corn, working with Jan out on our back porch. Grandma Ruthie used to help too. The corn must be cleaned, blanched, cooled, cut off the cob, and  packaged into freezer bags. The final step is writing the date on the bag with a sharpie. Last summer that was Moriah's job. Last week I pulled this package of corn from the freezer:
                             In case you can't read her writing, it says: 2020 corn from the future.

Imagine me standing in front of the freezer laughing! That girl is so funny! We had a good laugh that night about eating corn from the future!


  1. Oh, Michelle, I thought we were the only ones with silly kids!

    Our squash bags say "Sunshine"
    Our chicken says "Chicky Chick"
    and when I label the corn, I always put where we picked it and what day!

    You're my kinda family! :)

  2. Too funny Jami! Love the chicky chick! That's a great idea to label where you picked and what day! I couldn't do that FIL always does the picking!! I'm spoiled like that! :)

  3. If my husband has the job of labeling, I usually find bags of "cricket legs" or "possum haunch" or "mosquito eggs".

  4. karen: That made me laugh out loud!!! He certainly is creative in his work! But really, mosquito eggs?? Ewww! :) Thanks for sharing!!