Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bigger Than T-Rex

 Saturday we were running errands, and we went to the library to pick up books for school.  When the kids saw the Center for the Arts they remembered that we had not been to see the dinosaur exhibit. It opened sometime just after the accident, and we weren't up for going when the homeschool group went for a fieldtrip. Of course I heard, "Mom! We never saw the dinosaurs!" Since Sunday was the last day of the exhibit, the girls and I along with our friend Evan, went to see the dinosaurs after church! Evan's very tiny, but much loved elephant, Ellie, came along as well.

Here the kids tried to feed little Ellie to the T-Rex:

Here's a group photo, including Ellie! Evan's holding her on Emma's shoulder.

And here it is, the one bigger than T-Rex, the maposaurus (?)!!

The kids tried to pose like these dinosaurs and as Evan posed he said, "Is this good? Because I can't
make a tail!"

And it was here while we were working on this 3D T-Rex puzzle that Evan said, "How about Miss Michelle and I hold it and we let Emma and Moriah do it all!"  This puzzle was tough! You can see the left leg, up in the air...we never did figure that out!!

There were several hands on stations where the kids could draw/color dino pictures,

search for dinosaur bones,

and search for fossils of their own!

Here are some fossils they found, and again we see Ellie!!

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