Monday, November 19, 2012

Vacation Top 10

It's officially Thanksgiving week!
To start it off we made a list of the Top 10 things we are thankful for from our vacation.

1. Being able to spend time together making memories with our family.
Not just us, but our extended family too!! What a treat!

2. For Mike and Ang and their family for generously sharing their timeshare points!
Thanks for providing us with a beautiful place to stay!

3. Mike and Ang...again! They also did a timeshare sales pitch so we could buy Disney tickets at a discounted price AND get a free day at the waterpark!
Thank you!!

4. Breakfast on the balcony in the beautiful Florida sunshine!
The Lord gave us beautiful weather our entire time there!
5. Bonfires on the beach! And Smore's!
6. Storytime with a cousin!
7. Scavenger Hunt--2nd place finishers!
8. Movies on the big screen. Poolside. No jacket needed :)
9. Spending time with these two cuties!
10.  Family meals.
This vacation was our early Thanksgiving and Christmas celebration with my family.
Since we won't be eating with them this Thanksgiving like we usually do, this outside dinner in Florida is what I consider our Thanksgiving dinner!
No turkey, no stuffing or mashed potatoes, but we were all together!
And very, very thankful!!
Although Aiden looks grumpy.


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