Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

What a happy day!
We baked pumpkin pies and started our chocolate dessert for tomorrow.
Tonight we watched Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and ate pumpkin pie!
After the movie we went through our thankful box and here's what we found:

my darling
for taking my girls hunting
for eyeballs, because then you can see
to have been able to help the girls with 100 shoeboxes
to be born in America
for everything God has given us
soap, because it gets the germs out
my bed
a gun
my hermit crab
the smiles and joy that all 3 children bring into our home
Daddy's job
my boopoo
kiwi fruit
going hunting with daddy
for a husband that loves me and loves Jesus even more
my beautiful wife that is patient with me and is a blessing to me
for my little partner that takes care of the princess and the darlings while I'm gone
for mom letting us eat pumpkin pie early

Happy Thanksgiving!! Have a wonderful day celebrating with the ones you love!

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