Monday, November 19, 2012

Highlights from Magic Kingdom

Main Street, USA
Fun fall decorations!

Fantasy Land
A trip to Disneyworld isn't complete without a ride on It's a Small World!
Aiden really liked this ride, so we did it a few times!

This one makes me laugh!

Peter Pan was another one of his favorites....mine too!
As soon as we got off Peter Pan he said, "Let's do that one again!"


Who knew Dumbo could be so scary?
Seriously, she is afraid of Dumbo and this is as close to the ride as she came.

Tom Sawyer's Island
One of Aiden's favorite spots!
He was able to shoot guns in the fort,
and walk over the barrel bridge.
Nanny rocked the barrel bridge too!
So did the girls!
Taking time for a game of checkers!
Taking a break and sharing some love!
Just after Tom Sawyer Island we did Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain.
All 3 kids wanted to ride them!
Aiden rode with me, and he was hilarious!
He knew there was a huge hill coming in Splash Mountain, and he kept asking, "Is this the big hill?"
Once we actually were at the big hill and I told him this was it he said, "HOLD ON TIGHT TO ME MOM!" and he scooted as close to me as he could get!
Once we were done he said, "I think I'll ride that one with Dad. He can hold onto me tighter than you can."

Jungle Cruise!
We also did the show in the Tiki Room.
It was the perfect time for Ryan to catch a cat nap!
An older gentleman smiled at me and chuckled when he saw Ryan "resting his eyes" during the show!

Tomorrow Land
Roz at the Monsters Inc show!
Aiden has been saying his favorite line from the show in his best Roz voice ever since!
"I'm watching, ALWAYS watching, Wazowski!"
We also did Space Mountain because one of our children really wanted to do it.
This would not be the same child that was afraid of Dumbo!
Somehow Uncle Mike and I were elected to be the grown ups to go along.
Well, actually, I offered to go.
I forgot that the last time I rode it I told myself that would be the last time.
I quickly remembered, but it was too late!
We all survived Space Mountain, even the one who is afraid of Dumbo!
One of our children really wanted to do it again.
No one offered to go.

Aiden really liked the Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin.
So did Uncle Mike. I think he made Star Cadet!
You can barely see Aiden's hand in the picture!

Disney's Electrical Parade
What a great way to end the day at Magic Kingdom!
Some of us ended our day before the parade even began!

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