Saturday, November 17, 2012

Princesses and Mickey Mouse at Magic Kingdom

We all love Mickey and as you can see below we did have time for a photo
with Disney's main man (or mouse:)
The girls asked to see the princesses too, but Aiden said he didn't want to see them.
I assured him he only had to come with us, he didn't have to talk to any princesses
or have any photos taken.

While waiting in line he began to change his mind.
Rapunzel was the first princess and he said "I don't want to see her. I want that one," as he pointed to the next princess, Sleeping Beauty.
The girls did take a photo with Rapunzel.
And then Aiden had a chance to visit with Sleeping Beauty.
She asked him if he would save her and help protect her.
He told her no.
She asked why not.
He responded, "Because I'm already busy saving the other princess."
Sleeping Beauty assumed he was talking about Rapunzel and she looked at me and said,
"Well, I guess he doesn't like me as much as the other princess!"

It turns out he does like the other princess more, because that other princess isn't Rapunzel. It's me, his mommy.

Ryan and Aiden play this game, we call it Partners and Princess.
Ryan and Aiden are "partners" and when Ryan leaves for work he tells Aiden to "take care of the princess!"
So Aiden spends his days protecting the princess and defending her castle, and the princess couldn't be more grateful for her little partner.
Sorry Sleeping Beauty, but for now, the little partner has time for saving only one princess, his mommy!

I'm not sure what he's telling Cinderella here, but he may be telling her that he saw the Beast.
The day before we had seen Beauty and Beast on stage.

As we left Cinderella said, "Good-bye Prince Charming!"
He looked at me with a smile and said, "She called me Prince Charming!"
Then he asked, "What is a Prince Charming, anyway?"


  1. I think a nick-name for Prince Charming is definitely Aiden