Monday, April 23, 2012

Star Wars

Recently for a family movie night, we watched Star Wars!
Our kids have never seen it, but they have had a growing interest over the last few months.

We realized the seriousness of their interest when the girls had a friend over and as we drove home they  giggled and discussed Star Wars. Yep, Star Wars! Knowing Uncle Mike would be impressed, we called him and shared the conversation we overheard in our van. Then we made plans for them to watch it for themselves. We decided we would watch the original Star Wars for our next family move night!

Some of our favorite quotes from that night:

When Luke Skywalker was first seen on screen, before the audience knows his name, Moriah said,
"Is that Luke? I bet that's Luke!!"

Then when she did discover it was indeed Luke, she exclaimed, "It IS Luke!! OH! You don't know how long I have waited for this!!"

She shared similar sentiments when she realized that Old Ben Kanobe, was Obe Won Kanobe.

We haven't let them watch the next one just yet. We'll keep them hanging for a little while!

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