Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Weeks 26-27

Our history studies include:
Naboth's Vineyard
Elisha's Servant

This is Moriah's page on Elijah.
This is Emma's page.

Other studies include:

Scripture Memory: Isaiah 40:21-24
Greek Root Words: chronos--time and para--along, beside, with
Read-aloud: The Children's Homer
Moriah is learning to add and subtract like fractions in math.
Emma is reviewing decimals.

Emma had this poem in one of her grammar lessons.

Three Gates

If you are tempted to reveal
A tale to you someone has told
About another, make it pass,
Before you speak, three gates of gold.

These narrow gates: First, "Is it true?"
Then, "Is it needful?" In your mind
Give truthful answer. And the next
Is last and narrowest, "Is it kind?"

And if to reach your lips at last
It passes through these gateways three,
Then you may tell the tale, nor fear
What the result of speech may be.


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