Sunday, April 15, 2012

Upward Basketball 2012

This was our third year playing Upward basketball. The girls had a blast!
They both had great coaches and great teammates!

On the day of the first game, as soon as Moriah's eyes popped open, she said, "I just need to know if I can steal on the dribble." It was as if she had been thinking about it all night! She probably was! That girl sure does like to steal the ball!

Here she is, my lil' number 15!

Moriah had several of her friends on her team this year, and here she is with one of them!
 Emma's team being silly at half time!
Here's Emma in action!
As we went to the awards ceremony later that night, I couldn't help but think about next year's ceremony being  Emma's last one! She'll age out of Upward next year!
Big. Big. Sigh. 
My baby's growing up! 

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