Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Weekend Update

  • We have an appt with the oral surgeon in Brighton! He was willing to consult with us over the phone to save us a trip down there. We have met with him once in his office back in May so he has seen Ryan and his jaw in person. We'll go down in mid-October and he will sedate Ryan in the office and try to open the jaw while he's asleep. There is a possibility that the doctor will be able to resolve the problem just with sedation in the office, and NO surgery! If you think of us, pray that surgery would not be needed and his jaw can be fixed with a good yank from the doctor! If this doesn't work, then this will also allow the Dr. to know exactly where the restrictions are since they don't show up in an xray/CT scan. That would be helpful information if he must to go in surgically to remove the scar tissue.
  • Today we spent a wonderful afternoon visiting with a family that we have never met before. Their precious family was in a serious auto accident about 10 months before ours. Although we had never met them we had heard of their accident. Since hearing about our accident they have prayed for us and encouraged us with their kind words and deeds. They have been able to relate to our situation in a way that not many others can. This family has been an encouragement to us and a beautiful example of praising our God while in the midst of a trial. It was wonderful to finally meet them face to face and spend time visiting with them. Our God is so good! Not only does He go with us through each trial this life may have, He has also given us our dear brothers and sisters in Christ to share in our joy and sorrow. I'm thankful we were able to get to know them and learn how we can better pray for them. What a blessing to be able to pray for this family as they have done for us.

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