Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Weekend Update

  • It has been a rough week for us here.  I think we were both feeling tired, frustrated, and we just want to be done with the whole accident thing, but of course we can't be.
  • We met with the oral surgeon on Tuesday and he told us that after discussing it with the other surgeon in the office they have decided they aren't comfortable performing the surgery on his jaw. Ryan's TMJ joint needs to be opened up and have scar tissue removed so that he can open his mouth more than 15mm. I am very happy that they were honest with us instead of taking on something they were not sure of. It just would be nice to have heard a "Yes, we can do this and we'll get ya in next week!" There still is another surgeon that is willing to do it, but he is just a 2hr drive from home.
  • On a positve note I have started back to physical therapy. My lower and middle back have really been bothering me as a result of not using my shoulder correctly. After just one PT appt Ryan said he thought I was standing straighter and walking taller. But that night he said  my back must have been hurting again. Apparently he can tell just by how I move around. Anyway, he was right! Hopefully, physical therapy will be helpful with the back pain while we wait for the nerves to heal.

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