Friday, July 22, 2011

The Weekend Update

My sister told me that it has almost been a month since I have posted on here! Must be I'm enjoying these summer days! Here's a quick update on our family.

The kids and I made a trip to my mom's at the beginning of July. That is where we were coming from when the accident happened; we had been home for Thanksgiving. To answer the question that I hear most often, yes, it was hard! Very hard. But it was very worth it! My mom turned 60 and I really wanted to be there to celebrate with her! Even though I tried to hide my anxiety about the trip, the girls and I were all feeling a bit anxious as we left home. Not even 10 miles from our house someone hit a deer right in front of us! My shoulder/neck was feeling sore that day, and we made a stop for motrin, but we made it to mom's!  My brother in laws, aka my BILS, take good care of us and they helped load and uload the van several times, carried the diaper bag, drove in downtown STL for me and helped in many other ways!  Ryan did stay home, he is not up for a road trip yet. It was hard being away from him, even the kids missed him more than usual. Every day one or more of them would cry about missing him. Even Aiden said several times, "I want to go back to my daddy." He was well taken care of by his mom and some other family and friends. Thanks to everyone who helped him out while we were gone! Even though it was a bit difficult for all of us, it was a good thing to get "back in the saddle."

Ryan does have a consultation with an oral surgeon in Midland concerning his jaw. He is still very limited in how wide he can open his mouth. That appt is late August.

He recently had an appt with the ENT surgeon in Flint. He said things are still continuing to heal well, and they will do a hearing test the next time they see him.

Last week I had an MRI to look for damage to a nerve bundle in the shoulder area and the MRI came back clear.  My doctor said that there can be damage to the nerve(like a stretched nerve) that may not show up on the MRI.  For now we are going to assume that is the issue. Damage to a nerve could cause the muscle loss that I have.  We are going to watch it and he'll see me again in a few weeks.

 We may not be able to do all the things we usually like to do, but we are enjoying this summer. I feel like I have been able to take a deep breath for the first time since the accident. I'll post more later on our summer fun!

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  1. Sounds like your getting adjusted to what we call "new normal"