Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Weekend Update

There's not too much new to report this week. Ryan did have an appointment with the ortho surgeon in Flint this week. According to the Xray, the bone growth in the hip(where he should have scar tissue) has grown since last time, but not a lot. He was not willing to give us a time frame for surgery. He only said November would be the earliest they would do it. They will not do it until the bone has had time to grow and mature. He said if they remove it too soon, it is pretty much a 100% chance of it growing back, and growing even more than before. So, we'll wait till the time is right! He has been hurting this week. He described it as more of a sensitive pain rather than the dull, aching pain he has had.

As for my shoulder issue, we still do not know exactly what is going on there. They have scheduled another MRI to see if they can find something. The last MRI ruled out a tear in the rotator cuff, this time they'll be looking for an injury somewhere else. I still have pain from the back of my head, down through the shoulder and down to between the shoulder blades. I also have difficulty extending my right arm away from my body, or trying to lift while it's extended. So, lifting Aiden into a car seat, isn't as easy as it used to be!

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