Sunday, June 26, 2011

Oh, Emily, How We Love Thee!

What a treat this week to have Liz and Emily come for a visit! We had a blast getting to know our little niece/cousin!! She is such a doll!! We love her so much and it's easy to see why!

We love her in the stroller heading out for a walk,

and rub a dub, we  love her in the tub!!

We love her smiling in the highchair, playing with a toy,

we love her listening to the owies of a little boy,

We love to give her a kiss good night.

Emily, dear, having you here, was this week's highlight!

What a great week we had with Liz and Emily! Our fun included:

a trip to the Amish store,
lunch at Pizza Sam's and a walk over the Tridge,
Liz watching all the kids while Ryan and I went to Flint,
a couple stops at Coffee Chaos,
bloodwork and grocery shopping,
a 14 mile bike ride for Moriah and Liz...way to go girls!
a few evening strolls together,
making a strawberry pie,
bedtime snuggles with Emily,
pizza with the Roman's,
girls only lunch,
Ghiradelli turtle brownies,
20 qts of berries, 3 batches of jam, and 4 kids!

One of my favorite things was making jam with Liz. We have so many memories picking berries and making jam with our mom, aunt, and cousins. Although  I usually make jam, it was extra special having her here to be a part of jam making memories for my kids. And besides, she cleaned all the berries!! We'll definitely need her back next year!

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