Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Weekend Update

  • Saturday morning as I was working on my Bible study I heard birds chirping!! What a happy sound! Then later this afternoon the girls and I saw not one, but two robins in the backyard! As Moriah put it, "Spring is here!!"
  • Overheard at lunch this week: "You girls could marry a Cardinal fan, or a Cubs fan. It would even be alright if you married a Nebraska fan. But marrying an Ohio State fan is NOT an option!"--Ryan, sharing some fatherly advice with the girls.
  • As Moriah sat down to dinner one night this week she noticed the "real" plates on the table. She said, "Wow, Mom! I haven't seen these plates since before the accident!" I must admit, she's right! Since the accident we buy Hostess and we use paper plates. And paper bowls. And plastic cups. The last few days have been an exception, because until I get to Wal-Mart, we're out!
  • Ryan walks with a limp since the accident, and this week he realized that his limp lends itself really well to a "gangsta" strut. That should come in handy the next time we're in the 'hood.
  • Our movie for this week was Misty, a 1961 film based on the book Misty of Chincoteague, by Marguerite Henry. I read the book to the girls a couple years ago and they enjoyed it. The movie was a hit as well!
  • Several times this week you could hear Ryan and I both saying "I miss you!" He may be right there, but I still miss him! I am thankful that we are able to go through each day together now, but we both still miss the way life was. We had it pretty good! And we still do really. It just takes some getting used to!


  1. Aww...thanks Colleen!! We love you too!! A bunch!!

  2. Thanks for sharing, Michelle. I continue to pray for your family. Finding that "new normal" took a while for our family (after our accident) as well.