Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesday, November 30th

Mom stayed with Michelle last night while Mike and I went on to Michelle and Ryan's house to sleep. We got in about midnight Monday night/Tuesday morning. She was awake when we got here, but very tired. She reached for mom's hand and thanked us for coming up. She whispered the entire time while talking. All talking that night you could tell took all her energy and just wore her out. I cried when we prayed with her. It was very hard to see her like this.
Today, Tuesday, I made it over to the hospital around 11:30am. I felt a lot better seeing her now cause she looks better. She was talking and not as tired.
Today she also got out of bed for the first time! She took a few steps to a chair and sat down. She sat for about an hour and finally said she was too tired and needed a nap. She has been talking and very alert. She has eaten 2 popscicles: purple and orange for the inquiring minds and has had some Sprite. She has requested chicken broth for dinner.
Right now she is back in the chair and looking good. She is just in a lot of pain.
This morning Mike and I went to Tim and Jan's (Ryan's parents house) where some of the items from the van were taken. We went through all the Christmas gifts to let them know what were gifts the kids were already given and what was purchased on Black Friday as gifts for Dec 25th.
I'm very encouraged.
Because I'm not with Ryan I do not have as good of an update about him. I have heard he is in good spirits. Yesterday he said, "Send my love to Michelle" and the first thing he asked about at the hospital was if the kids and Michelle were okay.

Thanks for caring enough about my family to read this blog!
Angie Peterson

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  1. My name is Susan Fancovic Woodcock and went to school in Coleman with Tim and Jan. My brother, Joe, passed away 5 years ago and was very close with them also. I know he is looking down on their family and sending love and prayers to them. You are in our thoughts and prayers!