Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I told Michelle we needed to make a post about the things she's thankful for and this is what she came up with. Mind you, this list was created by a fuzzy brain on drugs.
Michelle is thankful for:
For the people who love us and are praying for us.
For the visitors
Uninjured kids and family around to take care of them
For the EMT who prayed with Emma at the site
Friends who sat with me and took care of me until my mom and sister were able to make it
for the e-cards she has received


  1. Dear Angie, Thank you so much for writing this blog and keeping us up-to-date. Michelle, you and Ryan have been in my prayers constantly since we heard. May God heal and restore your health quickly and may he give your whole family His peace. Thank you Jesus that you are all alive! Angie, I trust you will let us know what we can all do so far away.
    Elisa & Rick Mallrich & Family

  2. I am so thankful for YOU, friend! Its times like these when you realize how MANY people consider you one of their BEST FRIENDS! You are BLESSED Michelle and Ryan!

    God loves you dearly and so do I!

    Angie Beyersdorf