Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Beginning of the Roman Blog

A couple of months ago Michelle asked if I (her sister Angie) would help her get a blog started.  She said there were memories of her kids that she wanted to document.  I told her we could do it next time she visited.  Of course her next visit down was for Thanksgiving and we didn't get around to it.  Well I have had so many people asking for updates on how the family is doing after the accident that I decided now would be a great time to get her blog started so I can post updates and whoever wants to access it, can.
So what happened: After celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas together over Thanksgiving weekend the Roman's were headed back home to Coleman, MI.  A single-driver of a silverado truck "forgot there was a stop sign" plowing into the Roman's van, right into the driver's door.  They were about 16 miles from Coleman when it happened.  Both vehicles were traveling about the same speed which, at my guess, was probably around 60MPH. 
Things to be thankful for at the scene:  A physician living nearby was listening to a scanner and came immediatley to help.  There were other cars around when it happened so help was called immediatley.  2 families from their church came upon the accident and prayed for whoever was in the accident.  And an EMT prayed with Emma when she said she was scared. 
Michelle has some broken ribs, a fractured shoulder blade and a bruised lung.  Lots of cuts on her face, the biggest is on her forehead. 
Ryan got the brunt of it, being the driver and all.  He was air lifted to Flint, MI.  His leg is broken in 2 places, his hand is broken, pelvic bone is broken, hip bone broken, his jaw is broken in 3 places and has been wired shut.  Most if not all of his teeth were knocked out.  He has a lot of surgeries in store for him and a long road to recovery. 
The kids were all CT scanned the night of the accident and were released to go home.  They stayed with Ryan's Aunt, Janet that night.

Angie Peterson


  1. We've asked our church to pray. The prayer chain went out for Brian, Michelle, Emma, Mario, and Hayden. I guess I should speak more clearly on the messages I leave at Pastor Bob's. We'll correct the names and continue the prayers. Love - Kevin

  2. Please know that we love and miss each one of you.
    Our prayers are with you.
    Please give us an update on Ryan, let him know how much he is loved.

    Dad Hoppe & Jo Ann

  3. Our prayers and best of all God has in store for their family. Let us know how they progress. I will have our church family pray for them. We meet on Wednesday evenings. Thanks for blogging.
    Love and peace to them,
    Stacey and Maureen Singer