Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ryan Can Get E-Cards

I am so sorry. I was misinformed. Ryan's hospital can get him ecards so please send him some too! I can tell you it's exciting everytime a volunteer walks in and says, "I have a card for you." This link should take you to Hurley Hospital Ecards

I am sorry I do not have much of an update on Ryan. It's not that we aren't curious ourselves, we're just not given much information. We hope to go down tomorrow to visit him. I found Ryan's cousin on facebook and this is what he had posted about Ryan on there . . . some of it was new to me, some of it I had heard. As far as Michelle knows, he is in more serious condition than herself, but no details to his injuries. She is aware that he will have some surgeries down the road and a longer recovery time.
"Ryan was air lifted to Hurley Trauma Center in Flint Mich. He has multiple injuries, but he doesn't have internal injuries. Two vertebras in his neck were fractured. He has a broken right ear drum, broken nose, crushed sinuses and 'orbit' around left eye, jaw broken in 3 places, fractured shoulder, ball shattered in left hip socket, left hand broken, right leg shattered. His first surgery will be for the broken jaw. Jan said that she thought they had to wait for the swelling to go down.
The tow truck man told my uncle that the car was probably airborne for about 50 feet. He had 150 feet of cable on his truck and couldn't reach their vehicle. Their possessions were strewn for about 250 feet around the van. "

~ Angie Peterson


  1. Every time I read a post I can't help but think how Awesome our God is. It is amazing and miraculous to think of all the "little" things that happened just moments before, during, and after they were struck. God's hand of protection was on their vehicle. Even though injuries were sustained, they are still alive to tell and share with others how God protected their family and that is a huge thing to be Thankful for! Prayers are being lifted up for this family as they continue a long road to recovery.
    Haley (Bovee) Campbell

  2. Angie, I am so glad you have started this blog. And thankful you and your mom can be here with Michelle. The great love we all have for Michelle reflects back on her loving family. We continue to pray for all who are concerned in this.

  3. Angie...Thanks so much for doing this. Please tell Michelle that we love her and are praying for her and the family. Please let her know that I will be up there in 2 weeks and will do anything at all that she needs. Richard will be up there this Sat.and will go to see Ryan and her too. Tell her I will bring her a Starbucks White Peppermint Mocha just as soon as she can have/wants one. We are praying everyday for a speedy healing process for her and of course Ryan too! Glad the children made it out with little injury.God is Great! We Love You All. Please don't hesitate for anything. I so wish I could be there now. Love and Prayers, Chris,Richard, and the kids