Saturday, January 28, 2012

Weeks 15 and 16--Highlights

In week 15 we learned about the tabernacle, the dwelling place for God among His people.
I found a book at a local bookstore on the tabernacle and it came with a model for the kids to put together.
Oh my, was that a challenge!!

It's a nice looking model, but I was hoping it could be done without much help from me. Instead, I finished it while the kids played out in the snow. Of course that was after I lost my patience and snapped at the kids. Yes, I snapped at the kids while working on a tabernacle model.
A tabernacle model.
There's nothing like being reminded of my desperate need for a Saviour while reconstructing God's dwelling place! As I worked, I thanked God for sending His Son, who was sacrificed for my sins. He has washed me in His blood and in Him I am made righteous.

Here's the finished tabernacle. In the courtyard you can see the altar and the washing basin in front of the tent. There's also 2 little people. One is a priest.

Inside the tent there are little replicas of the lampstand, the showbread, and the altar of incense. There is also a curtain to divide the holy of holies and a mini ark of the covenant. The kit also included and extra ark. It's a bit bigger and comes with manna, stone tablets, and Aaron's rod to put inside the ark. The girls like that.

Once the girls came in from playing in the snow, I made some hot cocoa to warm them up and apologized for my lack of patience with the craft. Thankfully, they are so quick to forgive...and to forget!

In other things:
Week 15 was the last week to work on memorizing the 10 commandments.
Week 16 they began memorizing Psalm23.
We are still really enjoying our read-aloud, Treasures of the Snow.


  1. we just made this same replica in our Sunday school class!

  2. Really? It probably went together better for you than it did at our house! :)It really is a nice model! I couldn't help but think it would be fun if Lego or Playmobil would make one!