Saturday, January 28, 2012

Week 17 Highlights

Here's what we've been learning about this week--

Akenaton and Queen Nefertari

The Capture of Jericho

Ramses II
Achan, the Israelite
Greek word for this week is hydros, which means water
Still memorizing Psalm 23
Moriah has been introduced to mixed numbers in math.
She also got 100% on her math test!
Emma has been reviewing perimeter, area and volume in math.
Emma also wrote a small report on the Pony Express in grammar.
Moriah has been learning about adverbs that describe other adverbs.
We are still reading(and loving!) Treasures of the Snow.
We took a half day on Friday and met a friend for lunch, visited with Grandma, and ran errands!

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