Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Weekend Update

  • Ryan had 2 appts in Flint this last week.
  • One was with the ENT surgeon. He had a hearing test done which still shows hearing loss. The dr. said there isn't anything more they can do for him at this point. He also said there is nothing more they can do for the "popping" that he feels in the same ear. They gave us a few things to watch for and released him. So, on the plus side, no more visits to that Dr. On the down side, it looks like permanent hearing loss. I felt bad for him and didn't know what to say as we left.
  • Then we saw the ortho surgeon and we talked about the surgery on the hip. Remember, he's producing bone where he should be producing scar tissue. That bone growth makes it like his hip his fused. It doesn't rotate, and he can't bend it very far at all. So, we saw the CT pics of the bone growth, and it's pretty big! It looks like it's not attached to the bone at all, that it is all in the muscle. Isn't that weird?? Because it's all in the muscle, it is very likely the sciatic nerve is in the bone growth. So they won't remove all of the bone, since the nerve needs to stay there! However, there is a risk of them cutting the nerve while they are removing the bone. There is also risk of swelling after the surgery causing damage to the nerve. The dr said he would do it if he were in Ryan's place, mostly because of his age. The dr is older and he has done around 6-12 of these surgeries, so he is experienced. Do we want to schedule the surgery?
  • Ryan thought it over for about 2 seconds and said, "Yep! We've gotta try!"
  • I think his secret goal is to be able to get into a catcher's squat again so he can catch for his girls...and maybe Aiden someday!
  • The dr said the surgery would take 2-4hrs and they will do it at Hurley. They will look at his schedule and get back with us on a date, but we're probably looking at the middle of Feb.
  • As for me, I have seen some improvement this week....yay! I'm glad it has continued so far, because it seems that a few times before I would take 2 steps forward, and then 1 back. My shoulder has felt like an attachment or something. This week it started to feel not so much like an attachment!

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