Monday, April 1, 2013

A Short Solo and a Small Part

This is Emma's 2nd year in the local Youth Honor's Choir. Their spring concert is coming up and her group had 3 short solo parts available. About 12-15 students auditioned for the 3 parts, and Emma was chosen for one of them. She was chosen for the one she really wanted too, which is the opening lines to "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." It's a very short solo, but she was excited and we are excited for her!

She also auditioned for a role in a local production of Jungle Book and she was cast for a small part. She will be a wolf. A rapping wolf to be exact. Perhaps it's because she was able to see Toby Mac at Winter Jam. And she was able to meet Toby Mac. And shake his hand. And get his autograph. Yep, I'm sure that qualifies her to be a rapping wolf. :)

Looks like the next several weeks will be filled with singing, rapping, and even some howling--should be fun!!

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