Sunday, June 10, 2012

Weekend Update

We've been busy with appointments, spring sports, more appointments, finishing up the last few weeks of school, and a few more appointments! Also, our computer has been running so very S-L-O-W that it would take me all night to post on here! That's why it's been awhile!

Let's start with the big news, Ryan went back to work this week!!
Yep, he went to work!
And he survived!!
He was pretty whooped though!!
It probably didn't help that we had a garage sale here at the house this weekend!
His "to-do" list was never ending!

My favorite part of him going back to work, was when he came home.
Just like 'the old days' the kids said, "Dad's home!!" when he pulled in the driveway!

He's still in physical therapy and he has been fitted for a lift for his shoe.

Another first for him since the accident was a bike ride!
He and his cousin took the kids out for a ride on the trail Memorial Day weekend.
That was an exciting day!
Part of what made it so exciting was they got caught in a rainstorm and had to take shelter in a friend's pole barn until I could come and pick them up!

We are very thankful for the progress Ryan has made, and we are trusting God to give Ryan the strength he needs in the days ahead!


  1. YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! I remember my first day at work. I did light-duty work for two hours and was so tired I could hardly drive home. But it was so worth it.

  2. That's wonderful news about Ryan! He must feel pretty good about getting back to work. - Karen