Thursday, February 16, 2012

Weeks 18 and 19--Highlights

We covered a lot during these 2 weeks of study including:
The Hittites
The Minoan Civilization of Crete and
The Myceneans of Greece

I found a book at our library, In Search of Knossos, which describes the discovery and recreation of the Minoan city of Knossos. We read this book together in addition to our regularly reading. The girls really enjoyed this book and it's illustrations.

We also read about the legend of Theseus and the Minotaur. This has sparked an interest in Greek mythology and the girls have been reading many more myths in their free read time. Usborne has a children's book of Greek myths and I found it at our local library.

We've also been reading about cells this week and one of their projects was to try to remove the shell of a raw egg by soaking it in vinegar. After soaking the egg for at least 24hrs the girls used a scrubby to gently remove the shell. The egg then serves as a model of a cell. We only soaked 1 egg per child, and I wish we would have done a few extras. They are really fragile! We had one break, but thankfully one made it through and for some reason, they kept it in a bowl in the fridge for a few days. For some reason they kinda liked that little egg!

Here's Moriah gently scrubbing at her egg, moments before it broke!

And here's Emma's, the one egg that survived! I don't think it was as clear as it was supposed to be. Perhaps we should have soaked it longer.


  1. Yes! A teacher did this at our school. He soaked them over the weekend.

  2. we soaked ours till the shell was completely soaked off, then we too kept it for novelty purposes, till Mom got tired of it.

  3. This is so cool, I'm so trying this out!

  4. Well Allison, from what Ang and Betsy said, it looks like you should soak it longer than we did! I will leave a copy of the page from the book in your box! It was a cool project!

    Betsy, I'm not sure what the fascination was, but yes, they kept it until I said it was time for it to go! I was afraid it would stink up the fridge!