Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Slug Bug Blue!

We spend a lot of time in the car these days, and the girls have been playing the slug bug game.  They have learned where all the regulars are in Midland. For example there is always one at the library, the 555 building, and by the Circle. Last week I overheard these slug bug related conversations in the van.

Moriah, in a robot voice: "Slug bug scanning, slug bug scanning.....scanning incomplete. Shutting down."

"Slug bug silver!" --Moriah, who now has 2 slug bugs to Emma's 0.
"Oh, I quit!" --Emma's response to above statement.

"Slug bug lellow!!"--Aiden, shouting with excitement as a yellow non-slug bug car went by.

"Oh, I hate those cars that look like slug bugs! They get me every time!"--Emma, referring to PT Cruisers.

"Slug bug re----Oh, it's not there today!"--both girls in unsion, as they realize one of the "regulars" must have taken the day off!

"Aiden, do you want to be our little servant boy?"--Emma
"No, I want to be slug bug blue!"--Aiden
"Okay, how about you be our slug bug blue servant boy?"--Emma, ever so sweetly.
"Okay!"--Aiden, with excitement
"Great, then that means you have to do whatever we say!"--Emma, still with a hint of sweetness.
"Muaahh-ahhh-ahhhh-ahhhh!!"--Moriah, chiming in with her evil laugh.

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