Monday, April 18, 2011

  • Well, this week I am so excited! Last week Ryan's physical therapist let him know that until Ryan has the surgery to remove the bone in the hip it doesn't look like he will progress anymore. I know, that doesn't sound good...and really, it is a bummer. But, that means, w/  his Dr.'s okay, he will be done with PT until he has the surgery! Last night I told Ryan I was so excited you'd think I was going on a vacation! He replied that in a way it was a vacation for me! To think of spending a week doing school, cleaning the house and catching up on laundry as vacation!! There was a day that I wished for a vacation from those tasks!!
  • Although right now I am super excited about no more PT, there is a down side to it. This was Ryan's one set time to get out of the house and be around other people. And also, we hope that by stopping PT that it doesn't cause a setback in his healing. He's going to try to stay as active as he's able and I'm going to try to be creative in getting him out of the house once in awhile!
  • Yesterday we had a going away party for my friend Jenn. She's moving to Kentucky in May. The closer her move date gets, the more I have tears in my eyes! This is not going to be easy! But I am super excited for her and her family! I can't wait to see what God has in store for them!
  • School has not been consistent the last couple of weeks, but Emma has been learning to add and subtract fractions, and has been reviewing many common abbreviations. Moriah has been working on her multiplication tables, and learning prepositions. We are also reading the book of Matthew together.
  • The girls have had their last basketball game and Daddy did make it to a couple of their games! Now softball begins!

Recently overheard in our home:

Ryan: "How was softball practice tonight, Mo? What did you do?"
Moriah: "We made dirt marks!"

Emma, while playing with some friends: "My name is Emily Park and I own The Rose Salon. Today you get 50% off your bill. Would you like to make an appointment?"

"Can we have a hot cocoa stand?"
"Can I get a new bike?"
"Can I build a bird feeder with that scrap wood in the shed?
"Can we play Wii?"
"Can we build a fort?"
"Do I have to eat my peas?"

My favorite one comes from Moriah as she was going through her clothes. She came out singing this little ditty: "One size up, one size down, I wear them all as a hand me down!"

Have a great week! Maybe I'll send some postcards while I'm on vacation!



  1. For the LOVE when are you going to post pictures of your van!

  2. Angie: I WILL post pics soon!

    Allison: Isn't she too cute? And she wasn't griping by singing that song! She was singing sweetly and skipping around! Yeah, she rocks!